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General manager of Balkan club of peace


Ljubomir Bartula

Cultural Commission

President: Cristea Aurelia

Medical Commission

President: Dr. Georgi Ivanov Blagoev

Sports Commission

President: Dušan Projović

Commission for Science and Technology

President: ---

International relationships Commission

President: Dr. Mirushe Hodza

Financial Commission

President: ---

Human Rights Commission

President: ---

Commission for Social Protection

President: Dr. Amer Halilović

Commission for Economy

President: ---

Commission for Ecology

President: Mr Mihailo Madžarović

Commission for Tourism

President: Veselin Botić

Commission for Interreligious Tolerance

President: ---

Commission for Media

President: Susan Ford Bales

Commission for History research

President: Sovjetka Rezic

Commision for narcotics


Supervision board

Club advisors

• Mirso Čolić (Special Advisor)
• Slobodan Maraš (Special Advisor)
• Dr. Simeon Galevski (Special Advisor)
• Petar Stojanov (Special Advisor)
• Sredoje Novic (Special Advisor)
• Dr. Suzana Saliju (Special Advisor)
• Mišo Broz (Special Advisor)
• Mujo Demir (Special Advisor)
• Karlo Filipovic (Special Advisor)
• Ion Iliescu (Special Advisor)
• Marijan Šiftar (Special Advisor)
• Stavre Džikov (Special Advisor)
• Tomislav Puhalac (Special Advisor)