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By virtue of the provisions of the Act dealing with associations of citizens and other regulations valid on the territory of Macedonia, Founding Assembly of the Intemational NGO "The Balkans Club of Peace" on the session hold in Skopje adopted the following 

Article 1 
The International NGO "The Balkan Club of Peace" I hereinafter referred to as the Club has been established as a non-party,non-governmental and non-profitable association of citizens aiming to broaden up the development of good neighboring relationships among the countries in the Balkans and overcoming distrust and existing tensions amongthe countries ofthis region.The Club aims at contribution and affirmation of peace, trust, tolerance and mutual binding of the creativity of all countries on the Balkan Peninsula wishing never to be war and intoleranceamongthese countries.

Article 2 
For the achievement of its goals the Club especially: 
1. Through its members contributes to establishment of contidence and tolerance among the countries; 
2. Contributes to better mutual understanding which should lead to easier and faster harmonization of the 
social system and to the integration in the European and other processes; 
3. Strengthens mutual connection and the consciousness about necessity of regional cooperation; 
4. Affirms recognition of the creativity of the Balkan States aimed for its easier integration in the European 
and worldwide processes; 
5. Initiates, conducts and realizes activities for making contribution to strengthening of the peace and 
confidence among the countries and by all its activities makes efforts to be no more conflicts among the 
countries of the Balkans; 
6. Develops the Balkans as an oasis ofthe peace, love and tolerance; 
7. Performs other activities subject to this Statute and the laws contributing to establishment of contidence 
and peace on the territory of the Balkans and wider. Aiming to realize the resolutions of its program the 
Club will develop a wide scope of its activities in al! countries ofthe Balkans.
Article 3 
The title of the association is International Nongovernmental Organization "The Balkans Club of Peace". 
The Club is located in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia, at 42A, "MitropolitTeodosijGologanov" 
Str. The Club carries out its activity on the territory of the Balkans countries which are members of this Club.
Article 4 
The resolution regarding admission of a member makes the Managing Board ofthe Club. The membership is achieved by signing an application form and obtaining membership identity card. The member may withdraw  he membership by submitting a declaration regarding taking his name offthe membership. The Club membership may cease in case of a longer state of inactivity of the member. The resolution regarding cessation of the membership is being brought by the Assembly at a proposal ofthe Managing Board. 

Article 5 
The member has the right to: 
1. Take participation in realization of the Club's goals equally as the other members; 
2. To take direct participation in making decisions oftheAssembly, as weil as through the organs ofthe Club; 
3. To elect and to be elected in the organs of the Club; 
4. To be timely and completely informed about the work and activities of the Club; The member is obliged:
1. To contribute actively to realizing the Club's goals; 
2. Pursuant to the interest to take participation in the activities of the Club; 
3. To perform other works being assigned to him by the Managing Board;
Article 6 
Organs of the Club are The President, the Assembly, the Managing board and Supervisory

Article 7 
The Presldent of the association "The Balkans Club of Peace" is the highest function in this nongovemmental and non-profitable organization. He is elected by the Founding Board of the association, unanimously by alt the members and/or alt founding countries, at the constitutive session. The President is elected fortime duration of6 (six) years with possibilities to be elected once again on the same function. The President represents and supports the association in alt activities and communications in the legal tumover and has a right and authorizations as a financial principal to decide for alt more important issues of the association. The President convenes the sessions of the Managing Board when it is necessary to make decisions for some crucial and priority issues which are in accordance with the goals and commitments of the association but at least once a month. The President cooperates with the Assembly and gives it directions for making decisions of some important issues; he directly cooperates with the Secretary- general and observes the work both of the Presidents and Commissions founded by the Managing board. The Presldent appoints Vice-Presidents of the Club for time duration of six years with possibilities to be appointed for this function once again. The Presldent appoints a Secretary-general of the Club, at a proposal of the Managing Board, for time duration of six years, with possibilities to beelected to the same function once again. The Secretary-general represents the Club for those matters forwhich there is no need ofthe President's engagement. He/she makes contacts and cooperates with all members countries of the Club, both with the members of the Commissions and the Managing Board and he/she also makes organization and controls the activity of employees in the Club. He/she may decide as a financial principal up to the amount of 500 (five hund red) EURO. He/she also performs duties authorized in writing by the President or the Managing Board.
Article 8 
The Assembly of the Club includes 715 members, 65 of each state member respectively. The Assembly convokes once a year. An extraordinary session of the Assembly can be convened on the base of an explained proposal of the Managing Board as weil as on the base of a written initiation of at least one third of the membership of the association. Assembly ofthe Club: 
1. makes a Plan and a Working Program 
2. adopts the Statute, 
3. considers and adopts, at least once a year, the report of the Managing Board 
4. considers and adopts the Financial report 
5. elects and releases members of the Managing Board 
6. performs some other issues prescribed by Law. The Assembly makes decision validly if at least
one half of the membership is present at the session. The Assembly makes decision with majority of the votes of present members. Two thirds majority of present members' votes is necessary to decide for supplements and mendments of the Statute.
Article 9 
The Managing board is an executive body of the Club, which takes care for conducting the goals determined by this Statute. The Managing board has members who are elected and revoked bytheAssembly. The President of the association manages the Managing board and schedules the meetings at least once a month. The Managing board may authorize the Secretary-general by aDecision to perform certain activities in the respect of realization of the goals, priorities and assignments ofthe association. The Managing Board elects Supervisory board in order to make auditing in the entire operation of all managing bodies of the club as weil as to whole

Article 10 
The Managing board: 
1. manages the work of the Club between two sessions of the Assembly and makes decision for realization of the Club's goals. 
2. organizes regular performance ofthe Club's activities 
3. entrusts special issues to some members 
4. prepares the draft of the Statute and other decisions which must be made by theAssembly 
5. makes financial decisions 
6. decides regarding initiation of supplements and amendments procedure of the Statute, supported by
its own initiation or proposal of at least two thirds of the Club's members as weil as it prepares proposals concerning supplements and amendments which are submitted by the Assembly for adoption.
7. The Managing board fully valid decides if at least one half of the members are present while the
decisions are made by majority of the present members. 

Article 11 
Supervisory board: Controls the work of the Club in all its activities and determinations and if it notices so me deficiencies it, without delay, informs the President and the Managing
Board. The Supervisory Board includes 5 (five) members elected by the Managing Board. The mandate of the Supervisory Board members lasts four years and the same may be elected again. The Supervisory Board among its own members elects the President and his deputy. The Supervisory Board presents areport for each session oftheAssembly.
Article 12 
The work of the Club is public. The Managing board takes care about regular information of the membership and public both for the work and activities ofthe Club, directly or through internal publications and/or through announcement for the publicity.
Article 13 
For realization of its own aims, the Club takes contacts and cooperation with other professional, scientific, educational, cultural, business and other organizations and institutions whose objective is development and recognition of the peace and friendly relations in this region and in wider sense, in Europe and in the world, as weil. The Club can be engaged in the implementation of the Council of Europe Decision and the United Nations in the national systems, forwhich theAssembly makes decision and exclusively the Managing Board.
Article 14 
The Club collects assets from membership dues, donations, presents and similar pursuant to the law.
Article 15 
The Club ends the work with adecision of the Assembly, when the conditions for realization of the Clubs objectives end as weil as in other events prescribed by the law. In case of cessation ofthe work, the Club's property is transferred to UNICEF. 

Article 16 
The Club has a stamp in round form reading Internationa non-governmental organization "The Balkans Club of Peace", Skopje marked with ordinal number

  1. Each national Club will contain the name of the capital town and it will be marked with other ordinal
    number (the ordinal numberswill be received on the base of the alphabet order).

Artlcle 17 
The Club has its own logo. The Club's logo is represented by a pigeon keeping an olive sm all branch in his mouth under wh ich it reads International non-governmental organization "The Balkans Club of Peace", in native and in English language, as weil.
Article 18 
This Statute comes in effect on the adopting day by the Founding assembly of the Club and it will be applied since the date of entry in the Registry kept by an authorize.



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