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Picture Galleries

Balkan Peace Award of the Charter Foundation Barack H. Obama, Skopje 14.08.2013.


The City of Skopje won the "Balkan Charter Of Peace", 21.01.2012.


Meeting in the Marmara Foundation in Istanbul, 26.07.2011.


Aranđelovac, Serbia, 14.05.2011.


Meeting in Kotor, Montenegro, 06.03.2010.


Promotion of the World Congres in Sarajevo, BiH, 30.11.2009.


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 19-21.09.2009.


The Inaugural session of Balkan Club of Peace, 17.12.2004, Skopje, Macedonia


"TOGETHER FOR PEACE" - Peace march in Skopje on 17 March 2012